The Sedona Lakes Municipal Utility District No. 1 is acutely aware of the lack of neighborhood amenities.

The Sedona Lakes MUD Board of Directors contracted with Buckson Landscape Architecture to develop a Master Plan Concept for the Sedona Lakes Community.

The Master Plan involved an inventory and documentation phase of all existing amenities in Sedona Lakes.

The next phase of the planning process included development of preliminary design concepts and costs for the proposed improvements to the available areas owned by the MUD.

The Board formed a Task Force of community members to review and provide input for the Initial phase of the Master Plan.

After review and several brainstorming sessions by the Task Force, the concepts and budgets were revised and presented to the Board.

The Initial Concept Phase of a Multi-phase/year Project incorporates a number of elements from the Master Plan, and utilizes available MUD land. This Phase also creates infrastructure for future additions consistent with future expansion based on funding availability.

The Board is now ready to present the Master Plan to the community for comments and input prior to finalization of the initial phase the Master Plan.

The Board will hold a Town Hall on November 14th from 7:00-7:30 pm at the Pavilion to review the Plan with the residents and answer any questions. BRING YOUR CHAIRS.

A feedback link will be provided at the Town Hall meeting for your written comments.

Inventory and Master Plan Design

More Concept Refinements

Final Phase 1 Design Concept